Advanced Skin Treatments

Fleece Masks

These masks refine the skin's texture and soften lines or pigmentation problems.


  • AHA Treatment

AHA Treatment addresse oily skin and refines enlarged pores, exfoliates dead skin cells and promotes skin renewal. It transforms the appearance of the skin, leaving it fresh and rediant.


  • Collagen Treatment

This is an intensive moisturizing, anti-aging treatment for fatigued mature skin that is unable to retain sufficient moisture. It hydrates, regenerates, smoothes and repairs skin damaged by the environment.


  • Caviar Treatment

This is truly an anti-wrinkle cosmetic treatment that especially targets mature, dry, dehydrated aging skin types. Formulated with protien-rich caviar from the Caspian Sea, this fleece mask improves tone and texture of your skin to "lift your look". Treat yourself to this delicacy and experience the refreshing sensation as radiance is restored to the skin.


Vitamin-C Treatment

This unique treatment offers the most direct delivery of Vitamin-C,

a potent antioxidant to your skin. It improves micro-circulation, cell regeneration and activates synthesis of collagen which helps to improve the firmness and tonicity of the skin. It gives long-lasting results on lines, as well as a youthful skin appearance.


Ultimate Eyelift Treatment

In-depth moisturizing which nourishes and revitalizes fine lines around the delicate eye area.


*This treatment can be added to any other facial for $10


For more rapid results, a series of treatments would be something to consider. Get one treatment a week for 4 weeks and recieve the 5th free.